This is a more complete description of the features of the NVMETEST program.

NVMETEST Supports:

  • All Admin and I/O commands and Vendor Specific commands.
  • Creation of invalid commands (command code or command parameters).
  • Up to 8 queues (Admin plus seven I/O).
  • Shared I/O Completion queues.
  • Up to 8 read/write commands per I/O queue.
  • Block/Sector sizes of 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 and 8192.
  • All formats of metadata and protection information.
  • Powerful data generation and data compare options (including meta data).
  • Fast repeating of I/O commands.
  • Queuing commands without ringing the doorbell.
  • Full tracing of all I/O activities.
  • Detailed command execution times.
  • Many commands to display controller information (registers, queues, data buffers, variables).
  • Flexible logging options.
  • Script files supporting IF/ELSE, WHILE loops and subroutines (CALL/RETURN).
  • Executing a list of script files.
  • Global and local 64-bit variables and C style expressions.
  • String variables, string arrays and string operations.
  • Built in simple windowing system.
  • As you type help for keyboard input.
  • Keyboard input and screen output recall.
  • Full decoding and display of NVME Identify and Log Page data.

For more about this program view the test_details.pdf file.