This is a more complete description of the features of the NVMEQRWT program. For most features the command line option that controls the feature is shown.

NVMEQRWT Supports:

  • Up to 15 Read/Write queues. (NUMQUE=n)
  • Up to 32 commands per Read/Write queue. (NUMCMD=n)
  • Read/Write transfer lengths of 1 to 256 sectors/blocks including fixed length transfers (such as all transfers are a multiple of n).(MINTL=x, MAXTL=x)
  • Sector/Block sizes of 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 and 8192.
  • Any Namespace (the Namespace must exist without meta data).
  • Two I/O command sequences:
    1. Write pass, read pass then random writes and reads,
    2. Sequential writes with random reads and then random writes and reads.(SEQ=x)
  • SGL for Read and Write commands. (SGL)
  • Data generation and data compare including enhanced data compare for some sectors. COMPARE=x)
  • Detection of command time outs and device hung (no commands executing). DTO=n)
  • Full tracing of all controller register accesses and I/O commands.
  • Detailed Read and Write command times.
  • Several log file name options. (LOG=x)
  • Run times from minutes to many hours.

For more about this program view the qrwt_details.pdf file.